Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Monday. Have a wonderful start to your week. Make it a great day. Enjoy.


Always do your best……let your authenticity shine through. There is nothing that drains us more than when we have to pretend, in order to go along with life. When we pretend we are literally subjugating ourselves so that we can go along to get along. Doing this depletes our strength and our resolve to bringing our best to each day. Standing in our power means that we are brave enough to live by our values and to enforce our boundaries. It means that people experience us at our best and that we don’t allow less skilful communication to take us away from what we know is right. There is no doubt that it is uncomfortable when we have to draw our line in the sand and honour who we are at our core. 

But whatever makes you uncomfortable will also help you to grow exponentially. It will build that strong back and soft front. You will have more confidence when you behave and communicate in a way that is more aligned to who you truly are. Don’t let people or environments take away your power. Instead inject your power into them. If you’re going to be somewhere…..then be there 100% and dare to be human. Do not live amidst the fear that comes from being brave. Let your bravery lead the way. Because, we can only be taken out of our best selves if we allow it. So, never let anyone dim your light; stand tall, stand strong, and be brave enough to be the best you that you can be. The universe will reward strength, respect, and excellence with all that you hope for, so, when fear creeps in today…..quietly say to your brave self …..yes I can!

Cheryl Strayed said “Sometimes you learn things the hard way and you never forget it, do you? And so being brave enough to break your own heart is about being brave enough to make the decisions that end up being really right for you. And also brave enough to sometimes make a decision that wasn’t the best one in the end. But you learn from it. And life goes on. Hard times will come. But you know what else will always come? A sunrise and a sunset. And so it’s up to you. If you want to be there for it, then really be there for it. Being brave enough to risk intimacy, to risk rejection, to risk failure,  and ultimately, to be brave enough to break your own heart and to risk showing your truest self. All of the best things come when you do that.”  

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach