Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Thursday. Have an amazing day and remember to always start each day with gratitude. Enjoy.


Always do your best……you must create space for balance in your life. We all do it we get busy being busy. As if badges of honour will be given to he or she who is most exhausted. We schedule back to back meetings with no time in between to pause and collect ourselves to prepare for the next meeting. We work for hours without a break or fuel. We treat our bodies like machines that need no maintenance or rest. Then we try to call that being efficient with our time. One of the truths in this life is that what we put our focus on grows. That when we are clear about our priorities and we schedule them, we are far more productive. Sadly, most of us continue to try and prioritize an impossible schedule so we end up moving the deck chairs around on the titanic.  

And eventually, our bodies can’t ignore the signs and we go down. It might be our health, it might be our sense of wellness and well being, it may show up in our cherished relationships or perhaps in our ability to lead others but we are less than what we could be. So we must remember that consciousness has its own innate qualities. Once you cultivate them in yourself, you can raise the consciousness of those that you lead and serve. The ultimate goal of our awareness is to be transformed and to model and make different decisions. Ones that allow people to have a laser focus on their priorities and therefore the space to be the best that they can be. Make a decision today to clear the decks; to prioritize and focus on what is most important. Create space where you can breathe, think, and then take action. Running endlessly will not increase our results it will decrease our effectiveness and what we can achieve. Clarity always precedes mastery.

Stephen R. Covey said “Life in our cell phone society is increasingly complex, demanding, stressful, and absolutely exhausting. For all our efforts to manage our time, do more, be more, and achieve greater efficiency through the wonders of modern technology why is it we increasingly find ourselves in the “thick of thin things” subordinating health, family, integrity, and many of the things that matter most to our work. The problem is not our work, which is the sustaining engine of life. It’s not the complexity or change. The problem is our modern culture says, go in earlier, stay later, be more efficient, live with the sacrifice for now. But balance and peace of mind are not produced by these; they follow the person who develops  a clear sense of his or her highest priorities and who lives with focus and integrity toward them.” 

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach