Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Monday. Start your week off well. Have a wonderful day. Enjoy.


Today’s Challenge ~ Be positive and encouraging about yourself and others; that’s the best path to success.

Always do your best……the longest relationship you’re going to have in this life is with yourself. so make it a good one. Success in life is an inside game. The most important work you will do, is to develop yourself throughout your life. But no amount of self-improvement can make up for any lack of self-acceptance. When we don’t do the inside work we tend to point a finger outward to all the reasons why life isn’t going as planned. Blame is a tool that the weak among us use. A tool that is used to disenfranchise ourselves from a situation and to point the finger of blame as a reason for the current state. Forgetting that when you point fingers of blame, there are always fingers pointing back at you. They are telling you do not look outward to attach blame.  

Look inward and understand what you can do better today than you did yesterday. Never let anyone put you in the vault; where time is suspended and in their mind you remain the same. Remember, ignorance repetitively talks about people in a negative way, while intellect seeks out the solutions and lights the way forward. And, when we choose to liberate ourselves from fear, we set a pattern for others to follow. We model the courage it takes to lean into our own vulnerability. So don’t accept or worry about anyone else’s view of who you are, and how you are. Worry is more exhausting to us than running a marathon; and it will not defeat tomorrow’s difficulties, it will only rob you of today’s strength. So, reclaim your belief in yourself and begin to take the steps that confidence takes. Never allow fear to rob you of your power; nor to take you out of yourself. Everything you need to be successful, you already have, trust in that…. Namaste

Rhonda Byrne said “To believe in yourself is perhaps the most powerful ability you have available to you. Your belief will carry you through every difficult situation or an challenging circumstances, and enable you to ultimately realize your dream. You were born with belief in yourself, and so if you don’t believe in yourself today it just means that in your life you have accepted thoughts about yourself that other people put upon you, and you believed them to be true. And the only way you have maintained that lack of belief has been through your own continuing thoughts about yourself – your self-talk. A person’s self-talk is the clearest indicator of one’s belief in themselves.” 

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Lie Coach