Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Thursday. Remember to start each and every day with gratitude. Have an awesome day. Enjoy.


Today’s Challenge ~ Find ways to engage people through compassion and kindness let your leadership shine.

Always do your best……there is leading with title; but to reach the level of extraordinary we must lead with our hearts too. It is said that first people follow the vision, and then they must follow the leader. If not then execution stalls and people disengage. Brilliant strategies never come to life if a leader is unable to capture both the hearts and minds of their employees. Ultimately, leadership is about actualizing your humanity. It is about not only bringing positive change, but about recognizing change fatigue. It is about moving quickly and then slowing down to evaluate; allowing everyone to see, think, and then do. Reflection and course correction can never happen effectively if you always have the peddle to the metal. Leaders who manage with heart and mind, know the wisdom of treating people with respect, compassion, and kindness and they problem solve, they don’t blame. 

They have mastered the art of push then pull in their leadership style. Because if all they do is push, they end up with a team of exhausted people. Tired people make mistakes, and they disengage mentally and emotionally.  There is a fine balance between striving and living. If all we do is strive to work, then we miss out on living; and we cannot achieve our professional and personal goals because we become the hamster in the wheel.  Strong leadership requires us to honour and dignify the lives of those we lead. We can only do this if we speak the truth to ourselves when we hold the mirror up. Too often we only ask ourselves did they understand what I said? When we should also be asking ourselves, how did they feel? When you slow down periodically, you will see the things that matter the most. Great leaders treat people like they believe in them and so they capture both the hearts and minds of those they lead.

Robin Sharma said “Manage by mind, lead by heart. Every visionary leader has mastered the practice of deeply connecting to their followers. They have refined the art of clarifying their vision for the benefit of their people in a way that fully engages and stirs them into action. Through their people skills and talents as effective communicators, visionary leaders touch the hearts of their team and earn long-term loyalty. One of the deepest of all human hungers is the need to be cherished and understood. Let your humanity shine at work and treat people with courtesy and kindness. Simply put, when you enrich the relationship, you enhance the leadership.” 

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach