Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Tuesday. Have an awesome day. Enjoy.


Take care of yourself……we all need time alone. In fact one of the measures of strong personal development is our ability to spend time alone, unplugged, and in peace. Not requiring any entertainment or stimulus from the outside world; not needing to be around people in order to feel alive. The gift of peace is the single biggest gift that we can bring to our lives. To have peace for a few minutes. To give ourselves the space and time to breathe, to be present, and to just sit as our bodies take in the gift of stillness and the rejuvenation that it brings to our day, that is positive self-care. And self-care and our willingness to participate in it, is another way that we make ourselves and our overall wellness a priority.

There will always be times when you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and yes stressed. In those moments you need to remember that peace begins with you. We strengthen our inner development when we can realize that finding peace in the midst of chaos is only possible because we choose to take those moments of stillness. So give yourself the gift of quiet time. Time just to be still and in touch with your inner being. Today, when life gets busy, or difficult don’t power through, don’t look to the world around you for meaning, direction or to invoke change, know that the world is just mirroring all the moves within your heart and soul. So for meaning and direction and peace….go within. Go to your sanctuary and honour your self-care….take a moment, be in that moment, let the moment go, now let the next moment come. Be there in peace and enjoy the feeling of just being.

Robin Sharma said “Everyone needs a sanctuary or a place of peace where they can go to be quiet and still. This special place will serve as your oasis in a world of stress. It will be a spot where you can take refuge from the crush of daily activities that demand your time, energy, and attention. Your sanctuary does not need to be fancy. An unused room or even a wooden bench in your favourite park can serve as your place of peace. When you feel you need some time alone, visit this sanctuary and do some of those inner development activities that are so easy to neglect during the course of a busy day. Carving out a little time is not a selfish act. Replenishing your inner reserves allows you to give more, do more and be more for others.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach