Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Wednesday.  Have a beautiful day. Enjoy.


Always do your best…… times we believe that we have to have everything worked out. That we have to see the whole plan for our lives. When in reality, we just need to see the path, and be willing to take it home. Home is where your soul is always guiding you…it is the place where knowing yourself, you can be yourself. Home is where the light is….it is where you feel energized and passionate about what you are doing. When we feel drawn to a purpose and a cause, it turns our light on, and as it does, we feel the surge of confidence that allows us to bring our unique talents to the work. That is why we cannot wait for the magic.  We need to take action towards the things that light us up.

We need to bring our love and light to those things that matter to us and to our world. Stepping out in faith allows us to take the first step towards our dreams. While staying in your head….and listening to the messages over and over to see if there is a sign, just makes you feel crazy. So be willing to take that first step now.  As you build momentum, you can be aware of the long-term consequences of your actions by simply doing what feels right in the moment. Then you can face life with your natural mind, not your conditioned mind. For there are some things that you plan in great detail, and others, you simply follow your light and trust your heart.

Rebecca Campbell said “Our soul is always calling us towards what will light us up. Our ego tries to trick us into thinking that is has to be more complicated. It cannot understand how it could be so simple as following what lights us up.  But when we follow what we love over and over again, we stumble upon our calling without even realizing it. When we lose ourselves in the doing, we step out of the way and allow the light to flow through us.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach