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Reflect often…….where are you hanging on to control to the detriment of others.  People feel valued and respected for their contributions when they have autonomy and input into their daily lives.  Whether it is at work, at home, with significant others, or with children we must be careful not to be stuck in “control gear.”  There are consequences to always wanting control.  We often damage our closest relationships. We seem to have an opinion about how everything should be done and that can be overbearing, causing those around us to feel inadequate, or incapable of contributing in a meaningful way. Every ones self-esteem suffers when we hold on tightly to control.  Remember, we are not here to always catch people doing things wrong…..we are here to teach and then let go.

Where children are concerned, the goal is to raise them so that they grow in their independence.  This can only happen if we will let go of the wheel and allow them to learn and grow naturally.  We cannot supervise every situation in the hopes that we can save them every time life sends them a curve ball. Helicopter parents create dependent children who lack the requisite skills to problem solve for themselves.  If we are trying to maintain control of all aspects of our life then we are likely exhausted because we are constantly driving ourselves and everyone around us.  Let go of the wheel.  Trust that others will bring creativity, results, and that just like you they will learn from their mistakes. You can’t teach anyone to drive if they are always in the passenger seat. As it is with life….. Let go of the wheel.

Cheryl Richardson said “When you let go of control and allow others to take the wheel, you empower them.  You teach them to trust themselves, to become resourceful, and to take greater responsibility for the quality of their own lives.  Allowing others to help means learning to surrender to the reality that there will be mistakes made and that things will not always get done you way.  That’s how people learn and grow. If you’re use to being in charge, you’ll need to keep letting go of the wheel when you’re tempted to take back control, especially when the situation is not going  according to your plans.  Let others drive for a while, even though they may take a different road.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach

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