Thought of the Day – Tuesday June 18

Good Morning,

Happy Tuesday. Have a beautiful day. Enjoy.


Always do your best…….and remember that peace begins with you. It begins with  a commitment to yourself. To take care of yourself and to always make you, a priority. Sometimes we compromise,  we over compensate, and we give in to the pressures  and demands of life. We trade parts of our wellbeing for future states of tranquility. The problem is that the promised land never materializes and then we have set a precedent that is impossible to sustain. We’ve given away so many parts of ourselves we have no idea where all the pieces are, nor how we will put them back together. Slowly, the busyness takes over and we become adrenalin junkies who thrive on how stressed and tired we are as a measure of success. How sad is the society that measures exhaustion over joy.  So we must use our mindfulness to examine all the times that we give others the right to make decisions for us.

All the times that we step on the proverbial treadmill of exhaustion, knowing that it is not healthy; and how many times we push others to be on that very same path? How often we dishonour ourselves in order to belong, or be valued? Once we have taken inventory we are more aware of the things that we do that diminish and distort our sense of wholeheartedness. That is how we return to our core.  Our own place of Peace. From this place we can make our own decisions, say no when we want to, and as we know from our safety lessons when we fly…..we can place the mask on our face first….then we can support and help others. We will have the energy and the peace to make good decisions that lead us away from chaos and frenetic activity towards reclaiming and protecting all the pieces of ourselves. For the one truth that reigns supreme is that peace begins with you. Namaste

Deepak Chopra said “In this society we proudly announce how much coffee we drink, and we celebrate our status as adrenalin junkies. Surrounded by chaos and stress, people often mistake being excited for truly feeling alive. There’s no denying that a surge of adrenaline can give you a great high for a few hours. As the adrenaline ebbs, however body and mind are exhausted , and over time the negative stress takes its toll. Nobody thrives on stress, no matter how convinced they are otherwise. The most productive state of being is peace. Many leaders find this hard to learn. They trade the present for the future, with a promise that one day, years from now, they will rest. This is a devils bargain. Peace is either here in this moment or it doesn’t exist. Peace has nothing to do with lethargy…peace is a vibrant state and its alive with potential.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach