Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Monday. Have a great start to your week. Have an excellent day. Enjoy.


Today’s Challenge ~ Be aware of any mixed messages that you communicate through your words and actions.

Always do your best……..don’t send mixed messages. We do ourselves a huge dis-service when we say one thing and then do another. It immediately affects our personal brand in a negative way. The ability to bring clarity and discipline to our lives is largely based on our level of self esteem. Which is not just about our level of confidence it is about our level of self-love. If there is a conflict between the I am unworthy aspect of you, and the I am worthy aspect. There will always be a gap between what you say and what you do. Self-love is the catalyst for all that is good in our lives. When we believe in ourselves, we have our boundaries firmly in place, and we can create change and make things better because we believe we are worthy of that goodness. Conversely, blame is a convenient device that we can use whenever we don’t want to take responsibility for something in our lives.

So, we need to ensure that our actions are in alignment with what we say…..and that when we declare that we stand for integrity, inclusiveness, equity, and kindness etc; that we do so for everyone. It is not just about being seen in the right spaces, or talking a good game, it’s about the actions that you take every minute of every day. Every action communicates something about your brand, to your world. Be sure that your audio and video are in sync. Because if there is inner turmoil that prevents you from taking the actions that will back up your words, then your words will be meaningless. For today, use mindfulness and pay close attention to what you say you stand for and want……and then examine what you believe about your ability to have it… ask yourself if you extend those values and beliefs to everyone in your circle? The goal of life is not to win, it is to play the game with love. Namaste

Iyanla Vanzant said “It is important that you do not send people mixed messages. A mixed message is one in which you say one thing and do something else. Mixed messages confuse the universe, making it almost impossible for the forces of good to work on your behalf. If you talk about the actions or attitudes of people but never request a change, you probably won’t see a change. If you say you want to grow but take no steps to make it happen, it probably will not happen. Before you effectively create change in your life, you must believe you are worthy to have, and feel you have the right to have a better experience. Deliver yourself from the limitations of your ego.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach