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Always do your best……find your way to acceptance. As a young girl my mother taught me, “we are not about tolerance, that implies that you put up with something, we are about acceptance of humanity. What you want for yourself, you need to want the same things for others. No one is less than or not good enough.” She taught me that never again, means never again for anyone. These are the lessons that I treasure, because they were about love at their core….and they have helped me to navigate the world with absolute acceptance. It doesn’t mean we have to accept bad behaviour, but it does mean that we can’t make sweeping assumptions about entire groups of people.  That in essence we are indeed one love. Be mindful, that we live in turbulent times, where we are fed fearful information that divides and conquers through hate.

It is not easy to resist the dialogue that pits one group against another, but if we are to truly live our best lives, we must resist. We must use our hearts, our minds, and our spirit to practice acceptance and love. The way to that place is to practice stillness and peace. To shut off the noise and to use our wisdom and our lessons to be brilliant human beings. We all want the same things for our loved ones, we have common goals and we must remember this when the world wants to divide us. When our thoughts are clamouring  for attention we will misspeak, or make an assumption and intolerance will take hold. Stay strong in your values, and when the world tries to divide, ask yourself, what would I want the world to do, if I was in that person’s shoes? Today be impeccable with your words, and use the power of your words in the direction of truth and love. Namaste

Eckhart Tolle said ” Prejudice of any kind implies that you are identified with the thinking mind. It means you don’t see the other human being anymore, but only your own concept of that human being. To reduce the aliveness of another human being to a concept is already a form of violence. Thinking that is not rooted in awareness becomes self-serving and dysfunctional. Cleverness devoid of wisdom is extremely dangerous and destructive. That is the current state of most of humanity. There is an aliveness in you that you can feel with your entire being, not just in the head. The body then becomes a doorway, so to speak, into a deeper sense of aliveness underneath the fluctuating emotions and underneath your thinking.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach

The Thought for the Day will return on Monday August 19th, 2019. Have a great weekend.