Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Wednesday. Have an awesome day. Enjoy.


Always do your best……lead with your soul. The most successful leaders rely on empathy, compassion, and awareness to go beyond ego to find their true identity. While others rely on title and position to enforce, their vision and build their personal power. Transpersonal power is the ability to be mindful about our own brand.  To know intimately, that it is created by what people experience when they are with us. So the mindful leader is able to manage their brand because they excel at forging a link between power and the deeper values of treating people well. They are exceptional at self management. Transpersonal power literally means you have the capacity to think beyond the personal.  It means wanting more of what we all want universally , for everyone.

It means that your power is not a threat to people but an inspiration. Research shows that people want four things in their leaders; trust, compassion, stability, and hope. When your power provides these four things, then it has shifted from an egoic state to a transpersonal state. No matter where we lead in life we will always be more successful if people feel cared for. Inspirational leadership is evident when it draws out everyone’s humanity. It is patient and knows it is not how quickly we move towards our goals, but how we move towards them. For today, focus on what is happening now. Do not entertain negative words, thoughts, or actions, because your thoughts affect the physiology of your brain. So try having an intention of creating trust, compassion, stability and hope in each interaction. Now all you have to do is be present for a magical day. Namaste

Deepak Chopra said “Empowerment is the fruit of successful actions. Doing and having power go together, since without power to sustain your vision through difficulties and resistance, your vision will wither away. This isn’t ego empowerment which is driven by the demands of “I, me, and mine” you are empowering others at the same time as you empower yourself. There is a dark side to power, however, known as the shadow. this is where anger, fear, envy, greed, and aggression create problems for leaders, warping their good intentions and tarnishing their ideals. The use of power is entangled with its misuse. Before ego can undermine you, ground yourself in transpersonal power.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach