Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Tuesday. Have a beautiful day. Enjoy.


Set your default on kindness…….go out into your day and make people smile. Engage with them….show them that you care by taking the time to say hello with a warm greeting, and genuinely work towards brightening the moods of friends, colleagues and strangers by being present. The wonderful thing about human beings is that we each possess the ability to turn someone’s day around for the better.  It is your choice each day whether you do what you can to enrich the lives around you or whether you set your day on auto pilot barely noticing the people that you meet. That leaves you in the shadows. Remember, bright minds cast their light on one another.

If you are the person who arrives at the office or starts you day with a grumpy nod, who looks uncomfortable when people give you their genuine greeting then you are the one who has some work to do. Communication is a two way street so when someone offers you a heart- felt “good morning” absorb that energy and give it back. Every person you meet is an opportunity to show a little human kindness, to define your humanity, and just maybe brighten the mood of a few people. Our hearts can never be too full. So make today a random acts of kindness day. Every moment ask yourself……what would love do now? Namaste.

Aldous Huxley said  “Let us be kinder to one another.  All too often, we believe that in order to live a truly fulfilling life we must achieve some great act or grand feat that will put us on the front covers of magazines and newspapers. Nothing could be further than the truth. A meaningful life is made up of a series of daily acts of decency and kindness, which ironically, add up to something truly great over the course of a lifetime.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach