Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Wednesday. Have a beautiful day. Enjoy.


Always do your best……you must capture both the hearts and the minds of people. If you want compliance  then give them a brilliant strategy and drive them with fear…..if you want commitment you must also capture their hearts. People don’t wake up willing to bust through walls without both their hearts and minds being engaged. When change is happening, it can’t feel like it is happening to them, it must feel like it is happening with them. Having emotional bonds with people gives us invisible allies. But when motivated by fear people do not perform at their optimum levels. In truth, people follow the leader first and then the strategy. So we must use mindfulness to lead families, organizations, and teams. Self-awareness is both a sign and a generator of positive self-esteem.

Sometimes our soul speaks to us….it tells us what seems right and what seems out of place. It ignites our fight or flight sensory. and it is important to listen to that voice….to understand what lesson it wants us to learn. What do we need to be aware of in our personal brand that doesn’t serve us. Most importantly our soul will speak to us about pain bodies from our past. The things that have happened in the sunrise of our lives, the things that have written on the slate of who we have become. Leadership has a soul; it is either a brilliant light that keeps lighting the flame of ambition and achievement or it is an empty vessel that has the knowledge but not the heart to lead. So, every morning we must dedicate a moment to ourselves and our place in the day. We must summon our hearts and our minds to be with us throughout. Today, let each moment be your teacher.

Deepak Chopra said “Leaders bring out the best in others, but successful visionaries  go even further; they form lasting emotional bonds. They are the kinds of leaders we hold in our hearts. When people are emotionally bonded to you, they want to have contact with you. They want to be of service and share in your vision. Deep motivation then develops. True lasting loyalties are formed. To create such bonds, you must be willing to build real relationships. Share yourself. Take a personal interest in others, and notice their strengths. At the most basic level, you must display healthy emotional energy yourself. Avoid the three toxic A’s – Authoritarianism, Anger, and Aloofness. At all times ask yourself the question….how do I feel? How do they feel?”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach