Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Tuesday. Have a wonderful day. Enjoy.


Always do your best……it’s not what happens to us, it’s how we think about it that determines the outcome. Too often we become focused on what is happening in our lives, instead of focusing on our response to it. In this way we condemn ourselves to endless torture and frustration. Our thinking mind seems to latch on to the things that we perceive to be outside of our control. Environment matters to every single one of us. So when life gets turned upside down we tend to give more of our power away  as opposed to taking back that power and choosing our response. So we must examine how we react to what is happening in our lives. Do we complain and push through the feelings and say the same things to ourselves and others as a coping mechanism? Or do we consciously choose our response? To do this we must connect with self at the soul level.

When we explore who we are at a deeper level we build our spiritual intelligence; and when emotional intelligence merges with spiritual intelligence, we are transformed. It allows us to lead from the soul and this in turn makes us more aware of emotions that are hidden and we are able to repair them. Never give away your power because over time, you will also give away your soul. You will accept less than you deserve. You will slowly let the environment and the soul less people rob you of your light. Your soul is your awareness. Use it to nurture, and bond with those around you. Use it to go beyond your unhealthy patterns. Use it to discern the energy of those you share your environment with and to understand that there will be people you can fix, people you put up with and then there will be people you must walk away from. Impatience criticizes the growing conditions, while patience sows the seeds of change. It chooses what will come next. Namaste.

Shawn Achor said “Intelligence counts for only 25 percent of our job success; 75 percent of our successes in life and not just with our jobs but within the world ~ 75 percent of what causes our kids to be successful, causes us to be successful, is not about our intelligence and technical skills. It’s how we process the world. It’s our optimism. Like the belief that our behaviour really matters. Beliefs are so powerful because they dictate our efforts and actions. Happiness is a mindset for your journey, not the result of your destination.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach