Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Thursday. Remember to start each and every day with gratitude. Have an awesome day. Enjoy.


Always do your best…….you don’t have to sell what you have or who you are. Ego is something that we all have in some measure….unfortunately, some have a double dose. We’ve all been in their company, they brag about everything; from their title, to their income, what they have, what they drive, and what it cost. There is little to no humility in people who are guided by their ego that strongly. They see life as a competition and they often unknowingly differentiate themselves from others by highlighting what they have accumulated. The difficulty in these lives, lies in their inability to build their self-worth from the inside out.

Ego identifies with things, while humility identifies with values, intellect, and a self-less soul. Our legacy in this life is not built on what we accumulate, it is built on how well we live our life. At the end, the measure for a successful life is how we lived, how we loved, and who we were as a person. Humility sends the powerful message, I am open, I am listening, I want to understand. Ego believes it has everything worked out, so listen up. We have a responsibility to ourselves to awaken, and to realize where the real richness of life resides. For if we were all comfortable with who we are, we’d only ever have to buy the things we really need and like. So, today, ask yourself the great spiritual question; if I lost everything I have accumulated in this life….what would be left? That is your legacy.

Robin Sharma said “One of the traits I respect most in people is humility. The tree that has the most fruit is the tree that bends to the ground, my father taught me….and though there are some exceptions, I have found that it is true. The people who know the most, who have achieved the most and who have lived the most are also the people closest to the ground. In a word they are humble. There is something special about being in the presence of a person who is humble. Practicing humility shows that you respect others and reminds us that there is so much for us yet to learn. The more you are as a person, the less you need to prove yourself to others.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach