Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Monday. Have a great start to your week. Have an awesome day. Enjoy.


Always do your best……build positive relationships. The weakest leaders use the power of their position to move people into action; while the strongest among us treat people as individuals and build those relationships every day. Leadership is an opportunity to serve. It is an opportunity to really impact the lives of those you live, work, and play with. Some leaders only know how to take, drive, and push; while the best among us know the value of making emotional deposits into those relationships. They know that you can’t make withdrawals from a bankrupt account. Life is like that too. You cannot take what you do not give to a relationship. Because we can only give away to others what we have inside of ourselves. So we must be mindful of our impact……knowing that everything we do communicates something about us and our values and how we see the people in our lives.  Leadership isn’t only about engagement; it is about the quality of that engagement.

Ultimately, the morale, trust, and belief that people have in the environment is directly connected to their leaders skills and capability to lead others. We can take a pulse in any environment by understanding whether people feel like they “have to” do things which is largely driven by fear or do they “want to” do things which is inspired by great leadership?  When change happens people need to feel that change is happening with them not to them. They need to feel valued for their contribution and they need to experience people catching them doing things right, as much as they hear about opportunities for change and doing things better. Each one of us is responsible for the foot print we leave in the lives of others. Your LEGACY will be; what people experience and remember about you.  That is what you’re building every day. In order to be your best you must grow toward and with your people. So what does your leadership say about you? How will you ensure that you are always doing your best to be your best? Reflect on that today. Namaste

John C. Maxwell said “Spending time with the people I love – whether at work, at home, or while playing is my greatest joy. and it always energizes me. You see, good relationships create energy and give an environment a positive feel. When you invest time and effort to get to know people and build good relationships, it actually pays off with greater energy once the relationships are built. When people feel liked, cared for, included, valued, and trusted, they begin to work together with their leader and one another. And in that kind of positive energetic environment, people are willing to give their best because they know the leader wants the best for them. The question is….how can you more effectively invest yourself in the lives of those you lead? What step will you take today to ensure that people feel cared for and valued?”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach