Thought of the Day

Today’s Challenge ~ Reflect and ask yourself where do I need to let go of the wheel?

Always do your best……as well as giving, we all need to learn how to let go of the wheel.  While the richness of life lies in what we give to it every day.  Our own ability to delegate and receive help is integral to our success.  Some people only know how to direct and drive others.  Yet it is vitally important to understand our own capacity and to not over whelm ourselves in what we take on personally.  The mark of a great parent or boss is their ability to teach what they know, and then to let go.  It is only when those around us can think independently and make choices for themselves that we can assure ourselves we have struck the perfect balance.

The need to always be in control,  and to make all the decisions, is a reflection of your character and your ego.  Something or someone has taught you that you must do everything for those you love, and that is how you demonstrate your care.  But we do a disservice to the people around us when we do not teach them to do for themselves.  It is far better to know that the end goal is their ability to function independent of us.  Making their own choices, and taking responsibility for what needs to be done.  These are the gems we pass along to those we love and care for.  Service and giving is not about fixing and changing people.  It is about giving what you have to offer without expecting recognition or reward.  It is about setting others up for success and then watching them soar.  So today, be committed to teaching them how to fly solo.

Cheryl Richardson said “Take your hands off the wheel…Where are you holding tight to the wheel?  What would others struggle with if you weren’t around to handle it?  Maybe it’s time to start delegating more.  Or it might be wise to ease up on your tendency to micromanage others so they feel more valued and respected.  When you let go of control and allow others to take the wheel, you empower them.  You teach them to trust themselves, to become resourceful, and to take greater responsibility for the quality of their own lives.  Allowing others to help means learning to surrender to the reality that there will be mistakes made and things may not always get done your way.  That’s how people learn and grow.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive/Life Coach