Thought for the Day

This Thought is dedicated to those of you who have written to say that you struggle to believe that you are enough, that life is worth it. Because it really is!!!

Always do your best……manage your self talk. Get out of your head. How often do you have yourself convinced that there is no good in the world? That life doesn’t go well for you? That people are difficult and challenging. We sometimes get on that slippery slope where nothing works. In these moments it is so important to take a quick inventory and find the source of your despair. We get stuck in our heads and with information coming at us all the time it is easy to believe the drama, we have conjured up. Self talk gets us out of these “desperate times.” It allows us to sort fact from fiction; and to train our brain to respond not react to information.

When you find yourself in self-pity mode imagining all kinds of terrible drama. Wake up, stop, and get out of your head. Don’t allow your mind to take you from one negative thought to another, increasing your anxiety as you go. Life is short already, so don’t shorten it even more by losing your faith in the human experience. There are times when we feel anxious and fearful about the past, or about the way forward. That is when we need to realize that if we look around, there is the present moment. Patiently waiting for us to engage and feel the power of now. If you truly want to have an excellent life, then you need to believe and trust that life is good…and so are you. That you are worthy of joy today. We always find what we are looking for… look for the best in yourself and others and clear your mind. Because life is good and a blessing.

Louise Hay said “I am the only person who can think in my mind, just like you are the only person who can think in your mind. Nobody can force us to think in a different way. We choose our thoughts, and these are the basis for our self-talk. As I experienced how this process worked in my life, I began to live more of what I was teaching others. I really watched my words and my thoughts, and I constantly forgave myself for not being perfect. I allowed myself to be me, rather than struggling to be a super person who may only be acceptable in other’s eyes. I worked on releasing criticism and judgment of myself and other people, I listened to myself”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive/Life Coach