Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Wednesday. Have a beautiful day. Enjoy.


Always do your best…….schedule your priorities. Our calendar says a lot about us; because it reveals where we put most of our energy. It gives us a glimpse of how well we manage our time. It reveals oh so accurately whether we have balance or not. Achieving some level of balance in our lives must be a conscious decision. Mindfulness means that we are awake, and that we know what we’re doing. So we must remind ourselves from time to time the importance of conscious time management. Because there are those who go through life impatiently waiting for something to happen so that they can start living, and there are those who accept each day as a precious and original gift to be enjoyed now. They know that what you put your focus on will grow. They have understood how to live wholeheartedly. They have understood that to be still, and to be patient this is our greatest strength.

One we must tap into, in order to achieve balance and peace of mind. So, as you begin each day, look at your schedule, make sure you have scheduled your priorities. Take care to ensure that there are mind breaks in your day, time to pause, to think, and then to move on. Look after yourself, schedule time for lunch and nourishment so that you have fuel for your journey. Let laughter visit you frequently, it is good for the soul, and it reminds us of our shared humanity. When we are conscious about our time, we recognize that in the “now” it is possible to change. That the most important moment to be cherished is always NOW. And in those moments we can ensure that our love, and our energy, is being spent across our lives. Today, rather than focus on your to do list, turn your attention to what you can create with the moments you are given…and then, dedicate a moment to yourself and your place in the new day. Namaste

Stephen R. Covey said “Life in our cell phone society is increasingly complex, demanding, stressful, and absolutely exhausting. For all our efforts to manage our time, do more, be more, and achieve greater efficiency through the wonders of modern technology, why is it we increasingly find ourselves in “the thick of thin things” subordinating health, family,  integrity, and many of the things that matter most to our work? The problem is not our work, which is the sustaining engine of life. It’s not the complexity or change. The problem is that our modern culture says go in earlier, stay later, live with the sacrifice for now. But the truth is that balance and peace of mind are not produced by these; they follow the person who develops a clear sense of their highest priorities and who lives with focus and integrity toward them.”

Lisa Scott CEC

Scott & Associates Consulting Group

Certified Executive/Life Coaches for Success