Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Thursday…..remember to start each day with gratitude. Have a wonderful day. Enjoy.


Always do your best……..when you can move yourself to acceptance, you will find that you have the space to focus on the things that you can change. That is standing in your power. We can complain, and rail against our circumstances but it won’t change them. Acceptance is our way forward. Acceptance doesn’t mean that what is happening is ok, it means that you have given up the hope that things could go differently. You are letting go of your expectations of people and places and accepting things, for what they are, and where they are. From this space we are able to move forward and make change where we can. When we invoke the agent of change called acceptance we must accept where we are, all that we see, and all that can be. As ancient wisdom teaches us….when it’s raining, let it. When the sun is shining, enjoy it.

So we must start with an honest assessment of the issues; followed by, feeling what we have to feel, and then we must gently steer ourselves away from self-made drama. So that we can be present and capable in managing change in our lives. Imagine the magic in a world where we all take responsibility for feeling our sorrow and telling the truth. Where we instinctively know that we cannot change what we do not acknowledge. Some among us will try to spin bad situations, so that they appear to be better than they are. They sugar coat them, and seem to deny what is there for all to see. These are shallow souls, and because they lack integrity in how they see the world, there is subterfuge in their communication as they hide from the truth. As a result they fail to build trust, because people sense they are telling stories, rather than telling the truth. When we are honest with ourselves and others about life, we create a powerful circle where we can see a path forward.  Remember…..You can’t control the wind, but you can adjust your sails.

Jennifer Nadel said “Life is not an endurance test, although it can often feel like it, especially at the start of the journey. Over time we discover that there are three options in any situation: enjoy, change, or accept. Notice that endure isn’t one of them. The first choice is always enjoyment, but when that isn’t possible, we either change the situation or practice acceptance. We all notch up lessons and heartaches as we walk through life, but when we allow ourselves to feel the necessary pain and learn the accompanying lessons, we grow in dignity, grace, and wisdom.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach