Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Monday. Have an awesome start to your week. Have a great day. Enjoy.


Always do your best……have the bravery to live authentically. Sometimes we lose our way. We look after everyone else’s feelings and we forget about our own. We ensure that others feel good before we ever take care of ourselves, and then one day, we are all out of energy. We come to  a place of self reckoning where we realize that we have to place ourselves at the front of the line. When we travel they tell us to place the mask on our own face first; it is a wonderful metaphor for life.  We have to practice self-care and ensure that we are nurturing our mind, body, and soul, in a way that allows us to be present in our own lives. Honouring our values and establishing boundaries is one way that we can do this. It allows us to be the unique human beings that each of us are meant to be.

So we must open our hearts and our minds to be aware…..and to know that the energy that people give to their lives, and the lives of others, is their Karma. At times that energy is tainted by an unhealthy focus on the shadows of their past. We feed our shadows with mental and emotional energy. We give the shadows of yesterday the power to swallow our today.  So self-care sometimes has to include letting go of negative energy once and for all. With each step that you take towards reclaiming your authenticity, you free yourself of the pain bodies of yesterday. Now is the time to reclaim yourself, to lean in and to know the nature of your value and the depth of your worth. Do not look at life through the broken glass of yesterday….let the light in, and shine on.

Robin Sharma said “A seeker on the path home to his or her authentic and biggest self will always have to face fears he or she never knew existed. While living an unconscious life, many of our fears live within the realm of our subconscious minds. Consciously, we do not even know they are there. They lie dormant within us. But they are, affecting every one of our choices and running our lives at an invisible level. As we awaken and choose to see our lives from a more truthful frame of reference, our fears begin to see the light of day…and we must confront them if we want to transcend them. Nothing is more important than having the bravery to live your life.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach