Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Wednesday. Have an excellent day. Enjoy.


Always do your best….notice what is going on inside you. Don’t judge it or be impatient for it to end. Be curious, and seek to understand what you’re feeling. Be honest with yourself, because we cannot change what we do not acknowledge. Being mindful and noticing what is going on inside us, will bring great insight. You will see the contradictions, you will see where there is inconsistency and the ways that you are taken out of yourself. It is true that the truth will set you free, but you must first allow yourself to see it. Then you must gently give love and kindness and compassion to your pain bodies. Nurturing your inner strength so that it can carry the day.  Picturing that inner strength and carrying a mental image of it with you all day.

That way you can ensure that when people or circumstances push against your boundaries you connect with those feelings. It may feel painful, or uncomfortable but it is vital to your wellbeing. Those feelings are the clues that you are leaving yourself, so that you can find your way home. To a place where you understand the wisdom of collecting your thoughts and just being with them for a few moments. To a place where you do not deny how you’re feeling; or pretend that you’re okay, when you’re not. If we go that way we lose ourselves and the opportunity to go to our state of being. For each time you visit that sacred place more will be revealed to you. Because, beneath all those layers and coping mechanisms lies an authentic and loving human being. One who knows unequivocally that they can journey best when they are authentic and true to themselves. Namaste   

Deepak Chopra said “What you can do in any situation, no matter what the challenge is, you can always go to your state of being. You stop. No matter what the challenge is, you stop. You take a few deep breaths. You smile everywhere in your body, in your mind, and then you proceed with loving kindness and compassion. Stop. S, stop. T, take three breaths. O, observe. P, proceed with kindness and joy and love. That’s the state of being. It’s the highest form of human intelligence.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach