Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Tuesday. Have a wonderful day. Enjoy.


Today’s Challenge ~ Keep Calm, and Carry On!

Always do your best….. to keep calm and carry on. Extraordinary people have the ability to bring a sense of calm to their environment and the people they share it with. There is an energy around them that inspires others to thoughtfully approach the issues, circumstances, and situations that come their way. But a pre-requisite to calm is claiming stillness. Stillness is not about focusing on nothing….it is about creating space. It’s about finding peace by opening up an emotionally clutter-free space that lets us feel and think without reprisal. It’s a space where we can problem solve without fear or vulnerability getting in our way. In this place we move toward the construct of empowerment and we learn that external forces cannot rob us of our joy unless we allow them to.

This is such a powerful lesson. It allows us to see that our own energy can combat the negative energy of those who cannot find either stillness or calm. Managing our emotions is a learned behaviour, one that not everyone had a good role model for in their early lives. But as adults we are in charge. We are responsible for how we are, and how others experience us, no excuses. As humans we are wired for connection, and to live and work with good people is something we all crave. Extraordinary leaders know this and they leverage it. Not by shaming and blaming but by supporting, sharing, contributing, and yes remaining calm. To do that we must own and engage our own vulnerability, feel what we have to feel, and then use the collective energy that comes with being calm to tackle each problem. The real measure of  our humanity is in our soul. Namaste

Brene Brown said “I define calm as creating perspective and mindfulness while managing emotional reactivity. When I think about calm people, I think about people who can bring perspective to complicated situations and feel their feelings without reacting to heightened emotions like fear and anger. I’ve learned about the value of bringing perspective and quiet to difficult situations. I try to be slow to respond and quick to think – Do we even have all the information we need to make a decision or form a response?  I also stay very mindful about the effect that calm has on an anxious person or situation. Because calm asks – Do we want to infect people with more anxiety, or heal ourselves and the people around us with calm? If we choose to heal with calm, we have to commit to practicing calm. Small things matter.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach