Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Monday. Have a wonderful start to your week. Have a great day. Enjoy.


Today’s Challenge ~ Take a few moments to clear your mind of all the noise and upheaval in the world and make time to just be still.

Always do your best…..value inner peace. We must always be in touch with our mind, body, and soul. It is the only way that we can call peace to us when we need it. Inner peace is not a place it is a feeling. A feeling that can only be discovered with mindfulness and awareness. It is that moment we can all recall when we did not feel the need to act, or to speak, or to decide. It is a moment when we can turn the noise down, take a few deep cleansing breaths, and feel centred again. Peace comes to us when we are out in nature, when we joyfully prepare for a happy occasion, when we lovingly remember a loved one and when we just close the door and sit in a few moments of silence. Inner peace is an absolute necessity to our well being. If we cannot find it or summon it….we continually run on adrenaline, and then our stress is our fuel.

But over time the stress takes its toll. It depletes our joy, and steals from the future. As we continually put ourselves in the promise land. Rest and relaxation become things we are working toward rather than periodically taking the time our body needs to rejuvenate. High stress levels place us in fight or flight mode and as a result nothing ever truly gets our full attention. We are only partially present and so our listening and our participation in the day to day suffers.  So today, be mindful, and be fully present with people. Give them your undivided attention and give yourself time for movement and rest alongside your work. Be gentle with yourself and know that when you back off a little, you give others, room to be brilliant and creative. Now trust the moments as they unfold. Namaste.

Deepak Chopra said “In this society we proudly announce how much coffee we drink, and we celebrate our status as adrenaline junkies. Surrounded by chaos and stress, people often mistake being excited for truly feeling alive. There’s no denying that a surge of adrenaline can give you a great high for a few hours. As the adrenaline ebbs, however, body and mind are exhausted, and over time the negative effects of stress take their toll. Nobody thrives on stress, no matter how convinced they are otherwise. The most productive state of being is peace. Many leaders find this hard to learn. They trade the present for the future, throwing themselves into chaotic situations with a promise that one day, years from now, they will have time to rest. This is a devils bargain.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach