Thought of the Day

Today’s Challenge ~ Who do you need to forgive? Forgive them today and set yourself free.

Always look after yourself ………..and high on the list of self-care is the act of forgiveness. At times we are blinded by our anger, pain, or guilt. We may even lock ourselves in time and space with our feelings. But we must never under estimate how much holding a grudge can take from us. Because when we place people in the vault, when we assume that what they have done is forever, then we are holding onto feelings that may or may not be still relevant. It’s ok to feel disappointment, sadness, anger at what people do, but we can’t  stay there. At some point we have to forgive them, we have to allow both of us to move forward. Holding onto those feelings doesn’t help the situation, and it doesn’t help us to feel better.

In fact holding onto those feelings ensures that we are walking around with dis-ease about someone or something that has happened in our past.  The only person it hurts when we hold on to those feelings is ourselves.  Forgiveness doesn’t mean that what they said or did was ok.  It just means that you have given up the hope that things could have gone any differently. You are releasing yourself from that energy and you are turning a new page. It is no longer necessary for you to stand your ground in judgment. There is a big difference between not liking someone’s behaviour, and not liking someone. Freedom waits for you, release yourself and the other person and find your way to forgiveness. Mindful forgiveness does not erase our negative memories, it helps us to transcend them.

Iyanla Vanzant said “Is it worth it? Is the anger, resentment, and stress you feel in your body paying off?  In other words, is the way you feel getting you what you want?  Is holding your ground, defending your position, promoting your opinion making you feel any better?  How is what you are doing paying off?  New insights can only happen when you are flexible. Flexibility is a reflection of your willingness to do what needs to be done with no attachment to how it gets done.  Flexibility means surrendering , giving up your preconceived notions about people, circumstances, and the ways things should be.  Should is a judgment.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach