Thought of the Day

Today’s Challenge ~ Do something today that shows you believe in yourself….stand in your power.

Be Impeccable with your words…….especially the ones that follow the words I am.  You alone get to decide what you stand for and what you don’t.  Your value is not determined by what others think or say, it is always up to you.  You cannot allow what goes on in your life to change your level of self-esteem.  You can decide to let go of negative feelings that sometimes surface, by accepting that you are a fabulous human being because of what has happened to you, not in spite of it.  If we want the best from life then we must see those tough times as character forming, positive growth opportunities. It is the cost of our ticket home.

There is no going back, no rewrites, no redo’s, we must accept that what is done is done. We cannot keep digging up our past to see if it is still alive.  Instead we must ignite the present moment, feel our personal power, go forward with the knowledge that if we have made it this far 100% of the time; then we can continue our journey.   We do that, with love for ourselves, knowing that sometimes we have to lovingly nudge ourselves forward when life seems to come to a standstill.  In these times we must remind ourselves that unhappiness is a season that will pass.  You on the other hand are strong and while the winds of change may whip you at times… can always return to your core and there with love and power complete the sentence  I am………

Iyanla Vanzant said “I will realize my own worth when  accept myself exactly as I am.  Self Value means I know who I am.  Self-Esteem means I am who I say I am.  Self-worth means I believe I am who I say I am.  Until today, you may not have been aware of how your knowledge of your own value affects your self-esteem or how your self-esteem affects your sense of self-worth.  Today, make sure that what you know about yourself is reflected in what you say about yourself, because what you say about yourself influences what you believe about yourself.

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach