Thought of the Day

It is said that truly wise people aim not only for leadership in their businesses but also within their lives. They have the courage to lead themselves and to live with great character. They take responsibility for their lives and they know that learning is a life long journey. They don’t keep the knowledge cup full, they leave enough room for new ideas, new ways of being, and new approaches to age old issues. Leaders in life, don’t complain, and nag their way through life. They don’t talk about people negatively when they’re not in the room. They respond thoughtfully, with solutions rather than drama and ego based reactions.  Leaders don’t blame others for their life experience, they change it.

In business if people haven’t bought into your vision, it’s because they haven’t bought into your leadership. In life, if things aren’t going well it is because you are sabotaging your own destiny. Usually with negative thoughts, that are fuelled at their core with I am not enough thinking. Second guessing ourselves sends us a powerful message that is saying….strengthen your sense of self-worth, build your self-esteem. We do this by running towards our fears, because once we have, we are no longer afraid. So we must always bring light to our own darkness. For in the light, we see the way forward and then all we need to do is step out in faith.

James Allen said “Of all the beautiful truths pertaining to the soul which have been restored and brought to light in this age, none is more gladdening or fruitful of divine promise and confidence than this – that you are the master of your thoughts, the moulder of your character, and the maker and shaper of condition, environment and destiny.”

By Lisa Scott Executive Life Coach