Thought of the Day

Always do your best……speak your truth. There are times in our lives that we connect with someone who encourages us, who invites the best in us to come back to life, and who most importantly gives us an opportunity to speak our truth. We all have things that we know about ourselves, about the people we spend our days with, and about our world that we don’t acknowledge often enough. This knowledge is kept quietly packed away just beneath our consciousness so that we feel and experience the gap between what we know and what we say. These gaps are the cracks in our ability to take what we know and to use it towards making things better. After all if you know something, and you know it isn’t right, and you don’t speak about it, then you are a part of the problem.

We are conditioned to think that we need to just accept things as “part of life” but dishonesty is not something that you should accept in your life. Especially not from yourself. After all if you can see how things could be better.  If you know that there is a less than stellar performance. If you quietly accept negative energy and treatment, and uphold that acceptance with limiting statements like that is just the way it is, or the way we are, then you are saying yes to something that you know is not in the interest of the greater good. So find your tribe, where you can speak your truth and be in alignment with what you know and what you do. Today, think of something that you know is not as it should be and find the words to speak up and tell the truth about the situation. Stress will remain a shadow in your days for as long as your audio and video are out of sync.

Robin Sharma said “Speaking your truth means speaking from your heart. Far too many people in our world speak only in the words they know the people around them want to hear. They use their words to manipulate and control rather than to express their true feelings and build the kind of understanding that always leads to greater love. In using words that do not reflect what they really mean or how they truly feel, they live their lives in a state of spiritual dishonesty. Only by speaking your truth, what you truly feel, believe, and know, will you be in a good position to be the leader that you are destined to be. Speak your truth, even when your voice cracks.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach