Thought of the Day

This Thought is dedicated to my son Jordan who turns 18 on the 5th of November and who embodies kindness, compassion and wisdom far beyond his years. Wishing you an amazing Birthday and an outstanding year!! You Rock!

Develop a personal legacy statement………..reflect on what it is that you want to create in your life and more importantly what gift do you wish to leave the world when you are no longer here. Beginning to think about this now prevents us from getting to the end of our life and having regrets about what could have been.

We are never going to get to the end of our lives and have our children say “I’m so glad that mum and dad worked all the time, made a lot of money and bought us so many things”…they will remember how you made them feel, they will be thankful for the life lessons you taught them, they will honour you because your greatness came from starting something that didn’t end with you. Focusing only on material gain is simply a way to avoid the real work…..the work of being the best you.

~Robin Sharma observed “Someone once said to me that the first fifty years of life are dedicated to building one’s legitimacy while the last fifty are devoted to building one’s legacy. How true. So many of us spend the first half of our lives striving for achievement and struggling to gain respect. Once we gain that legitimacy whether it comes in the form of prestige or material possessions, we soon realize that something is missing. We then spend our remaining years trying to do what we should have done from the very beginning, create a legacy.”