Thought of the Day

Today’s Challenge ~ Set your intentions for the day….beginning with three deep cleansing breaths.

Take care of yourself………start your day early.  There is a magical time of day, a time when the world has not yet begun its rush.  A time when you can just be… you witness the sun begin to shine its light and listen to the birds sing the day into being. It is a time when we are reminded that every day gives us the opportunity to begin anew.  If we allow ourselves then we can tap into the magnificent energy.  We can take advantage of the peace and stillness that surround us.  We can be reminded of the importance of spending time alone.  For it is in these moments that we can meditate, and set our good intentions for the day. The willingness to spend time alone says a lot about how much we have nurtured our spirit.

It speaks to how well we practice self-care in our lives.  While we have people around us that love us and are a vital part of our life experience….we must learn to love ourselves enough to spend time nurturing our spirit from the inside out. Tapping into the energy of the morning will facilitate our ability to set our intentions for the day. It will clear the debris and renew our commitment for living our best life. This is not a time for the news, the paper, the phone, or the computer.  This is you being mindful and at peace….for a mind that is still beckons the universe and trains our mind the way physical exercise strengthens our body.

John Kabat-Zinn said “The virtues of getting up early have nothing to do with cramming more hours of busy-ness and industry into one’s day.  Just the opposite.  They stem from the stillness and solitude of the hour, and the potential to use that time to expand consciousness, to contemplate, to make time for being, for purposefully not doing anything. The peacefulness, the darkness, the dawn, the stillness, all contribute to making early morning a special time for mindfulness practice.  If you can begin your day with a firm foundation in mindfulness and inner peacefulness, then when you do have to get going and start doing, it is much more likely that the doing will flow out of your being.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach