Thought for day ~ By Lisa Scott

Good Morning,

Have an awesome day. Happy Monday!



Always do your best………be conscious of how people see you, what they experience when they are in your company, how you treat them and how you make them feel. You and you alone are responsible for your actions, the attention you give to people and how you communicate with them, your words are powerful. They have the power to lift others up or tear them down and either of these can be achieved with a sentence, so choose your words carefully.

Think beyond what you want out of a conversation and endeavour to really understand the other person’s point of view. Imagine that you are hearing the messages that you give to others, are they inspiring? Do they maintain the self-esteem of those around you? Do you give as much attention to being there for others as you do to driving your own achievements and causes.

Remember your life is a testimony of who you are. How you conduct yourself is a witness to your character. So what would people say…..are you biased or balanced? Are you open or judgmental? To be rich in material wealth and poor in character is not an achievement it is an opportunity. Robin Sharma said “Balance success with significance. What is the point of achieving great things without having a great impact. At the end of our lives, what will be most important is who we have become – and the difference we have made. Greatness comes from beginning something that doesn’t end  with you.”