Thought for the day ~ By Lisa Scott

Good Morning,

Happy Friday! Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.




Establish personal boundaries…………because when they are being them, you can still be you. It is important to give life to our authentic selves; to stand firmly in who we are and to be strong in mind and character.

Because the farther we are from living authentically, the more stress we will see in our lives. If we don’t feel comfortable saying what we think and feel; if we are silent when we want to speak then we are not being true to ourselves.  In life whether at work or play it is imperative that we live in an environment that allows for a free exchange of ideas and feelings. If we are giving our power away by allowing others to influence our attitude and our contribution; if we are surrounded with people who when they want your opinion, they will give it to you, then we are not being authentic.

So don’t allow people to intimidate you, establish your boundaries, be you and remember life takes it’s queue from you. Lao Tzu said ‘Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment.”