Thought for the day ~ By Lisa Scott

Good Morning,


Have an excellent day and remember to always start your day with gratitude.




Be careful what you put your focus on…….because whatever you focus on grows.  If you allow your thoughts to have free reign you can get yourself into a bad place and those feeling just seem to increase with every thought. Conversely if you can make a conscious effort to choose good thoughts, to manage your reactions to life positively, to stop anticipating the worst outcomes, then you can increase the good experiences in your life.

 So ask yourself who is making my decisions? What beliefs do I  have in my sub-conscious mind that I am allowing to make decisions for me?  We all have potential but it is up to us to look for it, find it and through our own conscious choices, give it life.

Wayne Dyer said “Your circumstances don’t determine what your life will be, they reveal what kinds of images you’ve chosen up till now.  There are limits to material growth , but there are no limits to inner enlightenment.”