Thought for the day ~ By Lisa Scott

Always do your best………to be the best you! The only thing inside your control is you, your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, and your words. You cannot nor should you want to try and control another person; they have the right to make their own choices and to live their best life in accordance with their beliefs and hopes for themselves.

It is your ego driving when you need to win or be right in an argument, and when you allow your ego to lead you begin to distance yourself from doing your best. Your ego does not take other peoples thoughts and feelings into consideration, it simply judges others and wants to compel them to do as it sees fit. You alienate yourself as a person and as a leader when your need for control overrides your need for collaboration. If we want people to listen to us then we need to demonstrate that same respect to those around us.

The truth is that when we are driven to control everything then we are looking at our greatest fear; the fear of losing control, the fear of failure, and unless we conquer that fear we will find the world a very lonely place.  Don Miguel Ruiz said “All humans are storytellers, with their own unique point of view. When we understand this, we no longer feel the need to impose our story on others or to defend what we believe.  Instead, we see all of us as artists with the right to create our own art.”