Thought for the day ~ By Lisa Scott

Thought for the day……Believe that good is possible………always have positive expectations for yourself and for others. Your best will change from day to day; but if you always strive to do your best in every situation, then you can hold your head high and feel good about what is possible. Spend a little time in the company of a nay-sayer, a dream killer, or simply the person who always looks for the reasons that something won’t work and you will slowly but surely adopt that thinking and belief system. 

Once we adopt a belief, we tend to consider it gospel and we forget that it is only one perspective. We close our minds too “possibility thinking” and instead we begin to block our progress with our limiting beliefs. Change makes us fearful and new ideas, new ways of thinking require that we change some of our beliefs and our actions. While most successful people have an u unshakable confidence and certainty; that same certainty can become our nemesis if we are unwilling or unable to listen to new ideas. 

Our thinking and beliefs should evolve with us and if we are open to all the learning and new concepts then the world is a magical place. Your beliefs will either empower you and those around you – or they will destroy relationships as you cling tenaciously to what you know…so today when your impulse is to reject, ignore, or discount the ideas of others, listen. Anthony Robbins said “What is the force that determines what we try or fail to try to accomplish in our lives? It is our beliefs – about what we’re capable of , about what’s possible or impossible, about who we are. Our beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy.”