Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Thursday. Remember to start each day with gratitude. Have a wonderful day. Enjoy.


Today’s Challenge ~ Hold the mirror up and really understand how your leadership affects those around you…..remember we are all leaders, some of us just “lead without title.”

Always do your best… a great leader in life. Some of us think of learning as something we do at the beginning of our lives, when in fact we need to treat it as a journey, one that lasts our whole life through. When it comes to leading and managing change, vision and strategy are only one aspect of execution. Giving people the tools, skills, and ongoing development are the keys to any organizations success. But before we can all realize the public victory, we must have the private victory. We must commit to learning something each day and when we learn, we must teach. As leaders in our lives it’s important to demonstrate genuine caring for others, not just a quick greeting in the hall, that’s not bonding. We need to look people in the eye and listen to understand their point of view and then, really lean in. 

If we want shared enthusiasm then we must place people at the pinnacle of everything we do. We must show them we value them, through engagement, development and lifelong learning. It is with and through people that great things happen. And when they don’t, your heart will let you know when people are emotionally distant and disengaged from your leadership…..there is obvious tension; people don’t seem relaxed, they don’t laugh, and they don’t want to be around you. When you feel that tension it is time for compassion, it is time to bring people in close and make sure they know you value them. That is leading with your soul….and it is the most powerful way to lead. It lets the light back in, it makes people feel cared for,  and it draws out their common humanity and keeps them from disintegrating.

Robin Sharma said “Only a learning culture grows amid change. Champion constant intellectual development and skill improvement. The best antidote to the fear that change evokes is knowledge. In these turbulent times, he who learns most, wins. Accusing the times is but excusing ourselves. Visionary leaders show their people a higher more inspiring reality when the rest of the world sees darkness. They create a learning culture and champion intellectual development. They foster a workplace that rewards constant learning and skill improvement. So if you really want to succeed in manifesting your vision for the future, wherever you lead, help your people become lifelong learners. To stay competitive, create a culture that puts people first through investment in their development.” 

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach