Thought of the DAy

Good Morning,

Happy Monday. Have an awesome start to your week. Have a great day. Enjoy.


Always do your best…….be aware of when negative energy appears in your thoughts and your actions. Use mindfulness to reflect and adjust your thinking when you feel the tell tale signs of stress, and frustration entering into your being. We all have stress in our lives. Times when the world seems out of kilter with our spirit. During these moments, it is important to understand the source of our energy. Especially, if we are absorbing negativity from another person, or from our environment. Reflection will help us to separate what we own, and what we have adopted from external sources. The internal divide that we feel represents the distance between what should be happening and our reality. The wider the gap, the stronger its impact.  If we stay stuck in this divide, then we clog our brains ability to reshape our future in a way that is aligned with who we truly are at  our soul level.

Reflection allows us to see the source of our “should thinking” and it clears the debris so that we can clearly see what our actions need to be. It shines a light on whether our stress is generated externally or internally. Are we reacting or responding to change? A reactive nature will keep you looping through the same negativity. A thoughtful response reminds us that the deeper the despair we feel, the more capacity we have to rebound and feel an equal amount of joy. So we must stand in our power…..and resist taking on the negative energy of those around us. The most powerful emotions are shame, grief, and discouragement; and if we allow them to, they can seep into every aspect of our lives, especially, when we don’t recognize their source. So today, remind yourself of the powerful spiritual lesson for healing; it’s love and kindness, and that starts with you. For all deeds of kindness and beneficence take root in our soul. Namaste

Caroline Myss said “Engage in psychic cleansing. How much debris do you carry in your energy field? Debris is generated by irritation, stress, unfinished business, and mental and emotional toxins. It’s distracting and disempowering to the healing process. Your goal is to release unnecessary thoughts and emotions. Focus on conscious tranquility. No matter how stressful the day is, remain centred and calm. Then you will learn that you can control your psychic energy.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach