Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Thursday. Remember to start each day with gratitude. Enjoy.


Today’s Challenge…….Focus on being present, so that you can find peace.

Always do your best…….never lose your ability to find peace.  Inside each one of us is a beautiful place of respite, called peace. It is a place that we can go to when our mind, body, and soul are exhausted. It is a place we can go to when all around us is chaos. It is a way that we can protect ourselves from the difficult days and people that seem to suck the energy right out of us. You will know that you need to seek that sacred space called peace when you can’t seem to get it together. When life seems to be one continuous roller coaster of emotions and feelings. It may be that you have given too much of yourself away. You have compromised, looked after everyone else, and given in so often that you no longer recognize yourself. In every way life is telling you to seek that space in you called peace.

The place where you get real with yourself and examine all the times you gave away your power. You can reflect on the times when you let someone else make your decisions and you dishonoured yourself so that they would feel better. In your place of peace you can summon your authentic self; and armed with the knowledge of the ways you diminish and distort your sense of wholeness  you can reclaim it. Once you have learned how to enter your sacred space of peace, you have a special retreat that is always available to you. A place where you can pick up all the pieces of yourself and gently put them back together. Stillness and peace are vital to our well being. We must seek them out every day. A half hour spent unplugged, and in quiet reflection. Peacefully letting our thoughts come and go. Because if we are to live our best lives….. we must master the art of being alone in peace. Namaste

Jennifer Nadel said “Peace leads us to a safe space within ourselves that we can return to whenever we are feeling distressed or unsettled. Over time we discover that when we rest in peace our levels of emotional reactivity are reduced and our capacity to experience joy increases. Without peace we are restless, searching, and stuck in a state of almost constant dis-ease and dissatisfaction. And yet, being still in the moment has become so foreign to many of us that it can feel uncomfortable. With our hectic schedules and the demands of 24/7 living, many of us have lost the habit. We spend our time doing rather than being.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach